Drama Series Production

Treasure Adventure

Genre: War/spy

Director: Hua Qing (花箐)

Major Cast Members: Liu Ye (刘烨), Yuan Shanshan (袁姗姗)


After the September 18th Incident, the patriotic officer Ren Hongyi and the Palace Museum staff Zhou Ruosi formed a cultural relics southward migration, starting a perilous and thrilling journey and utilizing their wisdom to keep the Forbidden City cultural relics safe and complete.

Legend Of Zu Mountain 2

Genre: Period fantasy

Director: Huang Weijie (黄伟杰)

Major Cast Members: Wu Qilong (吴奇隆), Yu Tinger (雨婷儿), Chen Zheyuan (陈哲远)


It’s the sequel to " Legend Of Zu Mountain”. In order to find the "hero" who had saved her, Yu Yingnan, a mysterious girl, and her brother Yu Yingqi go to Zu Mountain to learn martial arts together. They go through many difficulties and finally save many people.

Love Journey

Genre: Romance

Director: Mao Weining (毛卫宁)

Major Cast Members: Chen Xiao (陈晓), Jing Tian (景甜)


White-collar Li Xinyue and anti-drug police Jin Xiaotian who are involved in a transnational crime of money laundering and drug trafficking, start a thrilling journey.