Drama Series Production

Spirit Realm

Genre: Fantasy

Director: Liang Guoguan (梁国冠)

Major Cast Members: Fan Chengcheng(范丞丞), Cheng Xiao(程潇)


A period fantasy story, where a supernatural and amnesia youngster and his friends protect the spirit land from invaders during his discovery adventure of his origin and fate.

Starry April

Genre: Romance

Director: Huang Weijie (黄伟杰)

Major Cast Members: Qi Wei (戚薇), Wu Qilong (吴奇隆)


The story about the famous anchor Ye Fanxing and her successful boyfriend Xiao Han, a pair of "frenemy" couples. They maintain an underground relationship and want to hide the secrets of their lives, finally undergo countless hardships to win happiness.

Inside Man

Genre: Modern revolution

Director: Liu Yu (刘誉)

Major Cast Members: Zhang Yishan (张一山), Pan Yueming (潘粤明)


A modern revolution story where the elder brother Shen Lin and younger brother Shen Fang who originally belonged to different revolutionary camps, but in the end they struggled together to join the revolutionary cause with the same beliefs.