Drama Series Production

Love Journey

Genre: Romance

Director: Mao Weining (毛卫宁)

Major Cast Members: Chen Xiao (陈晓), Jing Tian (景甜)


White-collar Li Xinyue and anti-drug police Jin Xiaotian who are involved in a transnational crime of money laundering and drug trafficking, start a thrilling journey.

Customer First

Genre: Metropolitan

Director: Tianyi (天毅)

Major Cast Members: Li Jianghang (李佳航), Wang Yuexi (王玥兮)


The hilarious healing story where the folk trio "Dai Duohua", who has their own strengths, solves people's livelihood problems for various clients, and grows up in the process of breaking lies and seeking truth.

Mr. Nanny

Genre: Romance

Director: Xu Zongzheng (徐宗政)

Major Cast Members: Wu Qilong (吴奇隆), Li Xiaoran (李小冉)


Shen Xinwei is a psychology professor who has been in trouble since returning from Prague. By chance, he meets Na Na, who was determined to be a single mother, and is forced to become Na Na’s Mr. Nanny. Finally they fall in love with each other and live together.