Drama Series Production

The Love Lasts Two Minds


Director: Yu Cuihua (余翠华)

Major Cast Members: Yu Menglong (于朦胧), Chen Yuqi(陈钰琪)


The story about a pair of childhood sweethearts who can't be together because of hatred, changing their identities and working together to solve the crime and to keep the peace in the local area.

The Impossible Mission

Genre: Action/war

Directors: Yu Zhen (于震), Geng Mingji (耿明吉), Du Xiubin (杜修斌)

Major Cast Members: Yu Zhen (于震), Chen Zihan (陈紫涵)


In order to protect the Lan Tian, a mathematics genius who carried the Japanese telegram code, the underground Communist Yin San, starts a life and death game with the Japanese army.

Legend Of Zu Mountain

Genre: Period fantasy

Directors: Huang Weijie (黄伟杰), Leung Kok Koon Richard(梁国冠), Su Fei (苏飞)

Major Cast Members: Zhao Liying (赵丽颖), Chan William (陈伟霆)


A story about the dispute between the two factions of righteousness and evil in martial arts in the late Ming Dynasty, when the Zu Mountain Sword School leads the righteous faction.