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 Second Time Is A Charm

Genre: Metropolitan

Director: Chen Mingzhang (陈铭章)

Major Cast Members: Wang Ziwen (王子文), Zhang Luyi (张鲁一)


It tells the story that the "two-dimension girl" An An, who confronts and overcomes all the difficulties, and finally realizes her dreams through her own efforts.

The Impossible Mission

Genre: Action/war

Directors: Yu Zhen (于震), Geng Mingji (耿明吉), Du Xiubin (杜修斌)

Major Cast Members: Yu Zhen (于震), Chen Zihan (陈紫涵)


In order to protect the Lan Tian, a mathematics genius who carried the Japanese telegram code, the underground Communist Yin San, starts a life and death game with the Japanese army.

Legend Of Zu Mountain

Genre: Period fantasy

Directors: Huang Weijie (黄伟杰), Leung Kok Koon Richard(梁国冠), Su Fei (苏飞)

Major Cast Members: Zhao Liying (赵丽颖), Chan William (陈伟霆)


A story about the dispute between the two factions of righteousness and evil in martial arts in the late Ming Dynasty, when the Zu Mountain Sword School leads the righteous faction.